Winter Wellness - take care of yourself in the cold weather

1. Take good care of your skin

Being in the cold and in the dry winter air means that you need to moisturise your skin more than usual. An intensive cream or body balm will really help to repair skin. Maybe try a thicker cream for winter!

2. Take a soothing detox bath

Taking a bath once in a while can help improve your health in winter. Not only can it help to reduce the pain and inflammation of stiff winter muscles, but it can also help to improve circulation, reduce stress and tension, and boost your body temperature which can help your body fight off viruses and infections.

3. Take care of your lips

Applying a natural lip balm daily will fix a chapped lip in the winter.

4. Get your Vitamin D

Sunlight is not so common in the winter so our access to Vitamin D decreases. Vitamin D, however, is not as available in many foods so taking a supplement is a good way to ensure you get enough in your system!

5. Don’t stop using sunscreen

There’s no rule saying sunscreen is limited to the summer days- there is such a thing as a sunny winter day! So anytime you’re outside or near windows make sure to always have your sunscreen on!

6. Remain Hydrated

We often forget we need just as much water in the colder months. It seems much easier to consume water during those hot summer days but let's not forget our 8 glasses a day now! If it makes it easier, try drinking warmer water, potentially with a dash of lemon too.

7. Zinc Zinc Zinc!

During the winter there’s always a bug going around. And we all know that feeling when we are about to get sick. Taking zinc may help to shorten the length of a cold and the severity of the symptoms.


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