How to Declutter Mindfully - making the most out of your Sunday

Your Sunday may be a rest day but it may also be the best time for you to get some cleaning done! I know a long week can seem daunting but here are some ideas to make your cleaning session a little more lively:

  1. Use products that smell amazing - it can get you in a better mood to clean if the house is smelling nice.
  2. Listen to an audio book - almost every popular book has been made into an audio book too.
  3. Watch a movie or tv show - cleaning is the perfect time to catch up on that show that you never have time for. It’s also a lot more productive than just watching that tv show or movie whilst doing nothing.
  4. Listen to music - your chance to listen to your favourite song over and over again.
  5. Talk to friends or family on the phone - this is the perfect time to reconnect with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while!
  6. Learn a new language - it sounds peculiar but download Rosetta Stone or Duolingo and make the most of it! I’m sure we all have a language we’ve always wanted to learn.
  7. Watch or listen to funny YouTube videos- just like watching a movie or show this is the perfect time to catch up on your favourite YouTuber.
  8. Listen to podcasts - there’s a podcast out there for every topic so you can easily find one for the mood you are in.
  9. Practice gratitude - it’s a Sunday so what better time to be thankful for the experiences you had in the week!


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