House Plants and Wellbeing

The joy in finding new growth and blooming flowers has led to the love of house plants in particular by Millennials and Gen Z. But why do they have such an effect on our wellbeing? People have reported that looking after plants is just like looking after another person, they need your help to survive and thrive and this can be so beneficial to your wellbeing. Other psychological benefits of looking after house plants are: 

  • Reduced stress
  • Increase in productivity
  • Better attention span
  • Happier thoughts
  • Increase in generosity and trust
  • Pay less attention to any pain or worry

If you are feeling like you need a wellbeing boost and your environment is looking dull and isn’t motivating you, consider rescuing a little plant or two and see if by nurturing them, your thoughts improve. Also by moving to a different environment entirely, you may feel the same benefits.


  1. A room that looks out onto nature e.g. a park or garden.
  2. Open, spaced out rooms with lots of potential to turn into a small jungle of house plants.

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