Pride Month 2021

It’s Pride Month 2021! June signifies the anniversary of the Stonewall riots that fought for gay rights across the world. There will be Pride days in different cities across the months and there are many important lessons to learn about Pride month. Pride month is to educate and to celebrate how far we have come in the acceptance of gay rights and show love for everyone regardless of sexuality.June may be the only Pride month but it is important to remember that every month we should celebrate gay rights.

Here are a few Charities and organisations you can support this pride month and beyond.

House of Rainbow is a safe place for LGBTIQ+ people of faith. They provide emotional and spiritual support in relation to cultures and traditions for Black African Caribbean origins. They help people work towards self-acceptance and explore sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Proud Trust is a Manchester based charity that helps LGBT+ young people empower themselves and make positive changes. They have youth groups and national and regional LGBT+ youth work networks to help young people.

Opening Doors is a charity that specialises in supporting members of the LGBTQ+ community who are over the age of 50. They promote living a happy, social and independent life and work to fight loneliness.

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