An interview with Alisa Koz

We interviewed @alisa.koz on her journey with sustainability and self care tips:

What inspires you to be sustainable?

In the beginning, it wasn't about inspiration — rather a consistent effort to make small changes and develop new habits. Now that living sustainably is not a project anymore and comes to me more easily, I feel inspired when I'm in nature. What can be better than fresh air, transparent water, plastic-free landscape? I want my future kids to be blessed with it too.

What does spirituality mean to you, and how do you practise mindfulness?

Spirituality to me is being whole and in balance. We are whole when we face our lowest vibrations, accept our current state and abilities, and commit to improving our mind, body, and spirit. I believe that our souls reincarnate and that everything we do in this life will help us in our future lives and also 'level up' collective consciousness. Everything's connected, so every decision we make drives change and impacts someone somewhere.

And finding balance is my life-long task. Practising being in the moment is what I find the most helpful. When I eat, I try to focus on texture and taste, not what's on TV. When I'm walking, I avoid looking at my phone or even listening to podcasts. I'm good at multitasking, so now I learn to do one thing at a time and dedicate all my attention to it.

Do you have any tips on buying sustainable fashion and achieving zero waste?

The most sustainable garment is the one you already have. Then, if you can't borrow an item you're looking for, consider thrifting. However, secondhand fashion can be tricky sometimes (no thrift stores around, no style you want, inability to return clothes), so our next option is purchasing from sustainable brands. Usually, it's easy to find all the info online, but don't hesitate to reach out to a brand if you want to know more about its sustainable practices and ethics.

I don't believe that a completely zero waste lifestyle is possible in a modern world, but opting for secondhand and sustainably made clothes has a smaller carbon footprint than the damage fast fashion causes to people and the planet. So my best tip is to think and not act on an impulse 

Why do you relate to a brand like Everyday Phenomenal?

Many ethical brands are doing a fantastic job sustainability-wise, but Everyday Phenomenal also brings self-care and spirituality to the table. Sustainability is not only about maintaining ecological balance. It's also about us being at peace with ourselves!

What are some of your self-care routines?

I love to have mornings to myself. Before I serve the world, I want to treat myself to a long slow breakfast, dry brushing or Gua Sha, or a hydrating face mask. I don't have a rigid routine around anything, but leaving a few morning hours free in the calendar is how I define self-care.

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