Why You Need A Zero Waste Kit


Have you ever thought about how many disposables you use in your daily life? Ever thought about how many reusable products you could use in place of this? For example, the plastic bags we use at a checkout or the endless Starbucks coffee cups we drink our Oat Caramel Latte in because we've forgotten to bring our own. It's time to start new habits and not having to think about those products we always leave at home. 

A zero waste kit is essentially a kit that has all the things that you need when you leave the house to cut ties with single-use plastics. So there will be no more forgetting a reusable bag, or reusable coffee mug it'll all be in one place so you can grab it as you head out the door. 

What to include? 


- Reusable Water Bottle

- Reusable Coffee Mug 

- Lunch box/snack tins

- Grocery bags

- Produce bags (for those loose fruit & veggies)

- Metal Knife, fork & spoon

- Napkins

This is the simplest zero waste kit that you can create and it will make your life SO much easier! If you're looking for a way to break that relationship with plastic then this is a great start. Make sure you always keep it by your front door so it's easy to grab on your way out! 

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