Zero Waste Vitamins and Supplements For Your Health

We're all about wellness of self = equals wellness of planet. After all, how can we care for the environment if we’re not here to do it? I’ll never compromise my health – and that includes when it comes to plastic packaging. However, there are several companies out there who are dedicated to creating zero waste vitamins and supplements. They make our life (and now yours) a heck ton easier!


See our top 3 supplement brands below!

Wild Nutrition

The founder of Wild Nutrition is a highly regarded nutritionist and has a deep respect for nature. Due to the fact there was no company she could wholeheartedly recommended, she decided, with her husband to set up her own company. Now the products are available worldwide – in over 50 countries, B Corp certified and you can even search by specific health goal.

        Wild Nutrition: Zero Waste Vitamins and Supplements For Holistic Health  

  • Various Tablet Supplements 
  • Vegan Options Available
  • Available worldwide 
  • Glass Jars 
  • B Corp Certified
  • Pregnancy Range 



Vegums have a wide range of totally vegan and zero waste vitamins and supplements options available for the whole family. There are metal storage tins for the gummies and refills are available in compostable cellulose packaging. The supplements themselves are in gummy bear form, so are super easy to swallow and are a fun way for you and your kids to take their vitamins.

                         Vegums: Zero Waste Vitamins and Supplements For Holistic Health  AZB   

  • Vitamin Gummies 
  • UK based
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Refills in compostable cornstarch pouch 
  • Certified Vegan 
  • Sugar Free options 



Arrae create 100% natural supplements with real results and zero woo. With accurate dosing, Arrae’s alchemy capsules solve everyday problems that women constantly deal with. You know what we mean - bloat, anxiety, etc. The stuff that comes up at every girl’s brunch. This is the wellness product for the millennial woman, who has a lot on her plate but doesn’t want to compromise on how she feels.

                Siff & Nish - founders of Arrae Two women sitting on a planet with fresh fruit, looking at Arrae products.

Feel Your Best, Be Your Best With Arrae 

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