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The zero waste movement really had its moment. Brands jumped on the bandwagon to product their own plastic-free versions of things we already owned, and a lot of us bought them thinking we were doing the planet a favour. I hope by now we've all realised that the most sustainable item is the one we already own. 

The production and purchasing of new goods is completely opposed to the idea of sustainability. Buying 'eco-friendly' alternatives to replace the plastic disposable ones already own makes zero sense. A better solution is to keep using what we have, dispose of it responsibly when it breaks, and only thrift for or buy a replacement if we really need to.

How To Do It?

- Use things up: Buying less and using what we have isn't just a free zero waste habit to adopt, it also saves us money. 


- Eat the leftovers: Use the leftovers to make other meals, freeze things to make a meal at a later date & store your food properly so you can keep it fresh for longer. 


- Wear your wardrobe: We're not making the most out of our wardrobes. We wear a tiny percentage of the clothes we own, keep them only briefly, and shop endlessly in search of "the perfect" outfit. When you purchase clothing that is designed to last a lifetime you'll have endless outfit choices. 


- Bring your own bag: At this point, we should all have our own zero waste kit. It doesn't even cost any money since most items can be borrowed from our own homes. Cutlery from the kitchen drawer, a reused plastic pot for lunch, a napkin from the linen cupboard, and a refillable water bottle or reusable coffee cup.

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- Borrow what you need: Books, tools, clothes - whatever you need, consider borrow instead of buying.  Why spend money on something you only need temporarily? All of us have made purchases that end up hidden at the back of cupboards, pushed to the backs of drawers, or hidden under the bed.



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