What Are Some Of The Best Sustainable Fabrics?

Here are some of the best sustainable fabrics that could help save the planet, as they have minimal or no environmental impact, which are very beneficial! 

  1. Organic Cotton: 
  • Does not use GMOs, pesticides, and other chemicals for production
  • Uses 88% less water and 62% less energy
  • GOTS certified
  • Maintains and improves general soil health through crop rotation

    1. Organic linen:
    • Able to grow in poor-quality soil
    • Requires minimal water 
    • Zero pesticides
    • Biodegradable and recyclable
    • GOTS certified

      1. Piñatex (Pineapple Leather):
      • Derived from pineapple leaf fibers
      • Cruelty free – natural leather
      • Made from waste – food by product
      • Requires minimal water and no pesticides
      • The remainder of the leaf is used for fertilizers or biomass

        1. Econyl:
        • Recycled nylon: synthetic materials like fishing nets from the ocean     are used to generate this fabric
        • Uses less water and creates minimal waste
        • High quality, just as nylon

          1. Tencel:
          • Created from wood pulp
          • Closed loop system, which recycles all chemicals used in production, reducing waste
          • The Eucalyptus plant uses minimal water for growth
          •  No pesticides and fertilizers used
          • 100% biodegradable




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