All You Need To Know About Sustainable Beauty Brands

Sustainability is now more important than ever; be it the way we lead our lifestyles, use resources, consume food, buy clothing and now, it has even influenced and impacted the  beauty industry. The question is, how are beauty brands classified as sustainable? These beauty brands have to adhere to at least most, or all of the guidelines in order to be recognised as sustainable and clean, such as:

  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Refillable Products
  • Plastic Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Natural, Organic & Vegan
  • Eco-Friendly Ingredients
  • Low or Zero Waste
  • Transparent Supply Chain
  • Creating a Circular Economy
  • Ethically Made

We have curated a list of 8 sustainable makeup brands that follow majority of these rules that you must try, to be more mindful and aware of the products you use on a daily basis and the processes that go behind making them. Choosing greener beauty products will only benefit the environment and are the initial stepping stones to support the SDGs target.

1. Conscious Skincare

2. Evolve Beauty

3. Bloomtown

4. Axiology

5. FOM London Skincare

6. EcoTools

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