5 Sustainable Homeware Brands in the UK

What makes sustainable homeware brands different from regular homeware brands? Sustainable homeware focuses on creating and selling products that are eco-friendly, less damaging to the environment, use clean and local production methods, ethical labour and sustainable raw materials. Moreover, they should have a transparent supply chain, an FCS certification and incorporate fair trade practises. Opting for sustainable furniture is the way forward, as they are high quality and are made from natural materials that do not contribute to the existing pollution. Going green is the right way forward! 

We have put together a list of 5 such brands that are found in the UK.

  1. Aerende: Creates high-quality handmade homeware produced by employees who are socially challenged in the UK. Products are created in small amounts but have great category ranges to choose from.

  1. Collective Stories: Aesthetically pleasing and sustainable go hand in hand, as products are delicately handcrafted and use a subtle colour pallet, which are extremely durable. It is mainly known for its baskets and cushions. 

  1. Nove: A sustainably driven lighting company that incorporated traditional art and techniques to create timeless and contemporary designs, that is perfect to decorate your home. 

  1. Aesthete Label: If you are looking for vegan-based, neutral, and minimalistic homeware, Aesthete Label offers limited-style products that are unique and pleasing to the eye. It is mainly known for its ceramics. 

  1. Nkuku: Offers multiple, simple homeware products that are made naturally using recycled and eco-friendly materials with fine craftsmanship. To ensure ethical practices are maintained, Nkuku follows the 10 principles of Fair Trade. 



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