The Ultimate Guide For The Perfect Girls Night In

Friday Night Girls Night 


Prepared to be the G.O.A.T of the Girls Group Chat

Want to get the girls together but not sure what to do? Not really into going out to clubs and bars, maybe you have little ones that you need to be back for early in the morning. Well we've got some amazing ideas that can bring all the girls together for a fun night in! 

Cheese & Wine Night 


If you love cheese, and you love wines then this one is for you. Get all the girls together and all you have to do is bring 1 bottle of wine & 1 cheese of your choice. Lay brown paper over your table and simply place the cheeses, crackers, wines on the table, grab yourself a sharpie pen and write what each item is.  

Painting Candles 


If you're looking for something creative to do this Friday then get the girls together and paint your own candles. There's a few different ways you can do this, we recommend either using a water base paint to paint your candles, or get coloured tea lights, light them and use the melted wax to paint your candles! The best part? You can burn them when you get home!

PJ's and Spa Night


We could all use some chill time right? So keep it simple. Wine, face masks, pyjamas, catching up, movies and snacks. It's a win win! 

Girls Night In, Book Exchange 


If you all love reading then why not host a girls night in book exchange. Bring your favourite books chat about them and exchange them! It's a perfect way to read new books for free but also get the chance to read books you might not have chosen yourself! 

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