Get Creative With Pottery This Friday!

We're always looking for fun and creative things to do on a weekend and we think we've found a new obsession! Pottery painting/making! 

It's such a therapeutic activity and it's one you can do on your own, with friends or even with the kids. There's so many things you can create that will fulfil a purpose. So instead of popping to the shops for a new mug, vase or candle holder why not paint or make one this weekend and personalise it exactly to your liking? 

Where to visit? We have two of our favourite Pottery painting shops in London and Devon so wherever you are in the country you can enjoy a relaxing experience. 


Social Pottery


"Around 4000 BCE, Potters discovered the magic of the potters wheel, a revolutionary invention that forever changed the world of ceramics. Thanks to the wheel, artists crafted breathtaking vessels for everyday pottery to exquisite works of art!" 


Discover a huge range of terracotta and earthenware pieces, all handpicked from the sun-kissed island of Sicily, perfect for your SocialPottery Experience! 

Book your SocialPottery experience here 


The Jolly Pottery

Founder Holly is on a mission to make ceramics accessible to as many people as possible, & to help you find the joy in making, and challenge you to learn something new! 


The Jolly Pottery is located in the heart of Exeter, Devon and offers not only just pottery painting but a  variety of different courses suited for you, from one-off project evenings, to 8 week courses that set you up for independent making. 

    bud vase image.jpeg Mug.jpg Pottery in the Making 

To find out more about the Jolly Pottery and courses they offer tap the link below and start getting creative! 


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