Standout Female Podcasts

Here are 5 extraordinary podcasts that will help you celebrate sisterhood this Feel Good Friday!

  1. Forever 35 - Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer talk about self-care practices that we all love and deserve in our lives. The two best friends also feature many empowering female guests in new episodes three times a week. Listen on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.
  2. The Michelle Obama Podcast - The former first lady talks through many important relationships in our lives that define us as people, also featuring incredible guests such as award-winning journalist Michele Norris and OBGYN Dr. Sharon Malone. Listen on Spotify.
  3. Becoming Wise - Reset your day and refresh your sense of the world with Becoming Wise where host Krista Tippett explores the big important questions in life, including topics such as faith, science and spirituality. Broaden your horizons with just a quick moment of zen. Available on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.
  4. Hey Girl-  Hey Girl Podcast by Alex Elle brings together phenomenal women who inspire her. Discussing self care and sisterhood as well as topics such as civil rights and authenticity. Available on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.
  5. The Broad Experience - Host Ashley Milne-Tyte discusses the issues women face in the workplace including topics like professional woman without kids, combining your career with parent-care, and the use of women-only workspaces. She features influential guests who investigate race, culture, careers, and success. Available on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.
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