Interview with Snehal Kotak - How To Get The Perfect Skin For Summer!

We interviewed @the.skincareblog on her journey with skincare, self-care and how to get the perfect summer glow!

1. What inspired you to become a skincare blogger?

I've always enjoyed indulging in self care and skincare for me is synonymous to self care. I look forward to doing my skincare day and night but with a lot of my friend's I saw that it was equally overwhelming for them to choose the right ingredient for their skin type and I wanted to impart whatever little I knew to whoever I could help!

2. Can you share some quick-tips for glowing summer skin?

- I love a dewy mist like L'occitane's Triphase Essence

- SuperGoop's Glow Screen will leave you glowing all day

- Becca's bronzer is my go-to for the perfect sun kissed look

3. How important is it to keep your skin hydrated throughout summers?

It is important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the year because if you are slightly dehydrated, it immediately reflects  on your skin. It is crucial to drink water every hour, include fruits in your everyday diet as it keeps you hydrated for longer, keep a hydrating mist in your carry bag to spray on for a quick pick me up through the day and use a lightweight gel moisturizer with humectants to keep your skin hydrated through the day!

4. What is your go-to skincare routine?

I like a minimal routine on a daily basis. It's cleanse - tone - spot treat - moisturise, with the addition of a sunscreen in the day time. Two nights in the week I like doing an extensive routine where I use a mask and exfoliate as well at night.

5. Lastly, what are your favourite products?

My current favourite products are Biologique Recherche’s P50W Lotion, iS Clinical’s Hydra Cool Serum, Summer Friday’s Cloud Dew Moisturizers, Chanel’s Water Fresh Tint and Shangpree’s Phyto Essence Sunscreen.


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