Banana Oat Pancakes

Every Tuesday we will give you a new, healthy recipe to fuel your day. This week we’re starting off with a super quick and easy breakfast recipe of banana oat pancakes to get you ready for your day.



- 1cal spray oil

- 10g Vanilla Protein Powder

- 80g Liquid Egg Whites

- 30g Banana

- 15g Porridge Oats

- Almond Milk Unsweetened

- Vanilla Syrup Zero Calorie (for topping)

- 38g Banana (for topping)

- 50g Strawberries (for topping)

20 minutes - 215 kcal

1. Heat up pan with 1cal spray oil.

2. Measure out egg whites, almond milk (or any milk of choice) , protein powder and oats and place in a blender.

3. Mash bananas and add to ingredients then blend together.

4. Pour some of the mix into a pan.

5. When you see bubbles, flip the pancake. Repeat until you have used up the mix.

6. Stack pancakes and add toppings. 

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