What is Sustainable Living?

Sustainable living is an ideology that aims at mitigating personal and societal environmental impacts by promoting positive changes into our daily routines which are lesser harmful to the environment and those which have a lesser impact on climate change. In simple terms, it means reducing your carbon footprint. 

It is a system which encourages you to use lesser natural resources and shift to alternatives, as these resources are finite and have a damaging impact on the environment. 

We have provided a list with 15 reasons on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, which is extremely crucial in today’s time; every step counts and matters. Be the change; take the first steps by following the minor alternatives, then, gradually embed them into your daily routine and move on to the bigger alternatives. You will surely feel happy! It starts by you first; spread the word.

  1. Consume less meat
  2. Save energy: switch off appliances when not in use
  3. Save water; cut down on bath time, don't leave the tap running!
  4. Use reusables often; don’t waste
  5. Opt for renewable energy sources
  6. Go paperless
  7. Recycle materials (ex. Paper, plastics)
  8. Grow your own produce
  9. Buy fair trade/free range products
  10. Drive less, walk more: use public transports, walk shorter distances or carpool it
  11. Purchase and wear sustainable clothing
  12. Use eco-friendly cleaning products
  13. Avoid wasting food
  14. Donate unused items rather than throwing
  15. Think twice before shopping



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