5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Today

This week The United Nations released a climate change report calling it a ‘code red for humanity’. It is safe to say that this is our last warning and if we collectively won’t act it will lead to irreversible and catastrophic consequences.

We’ve been experiencing the results of a warming planet for years now. All this is not brand-new information. It is, however, a wake-up call and a reminder that we need to act immediately.  

What can we individually do that will make a difference if the countries with the highest emissions won’t change their policies? While it is easy to get overwhelmed and leave this issue to the governments and think that our actions have no impact, it’s important to realise that they do, and today you can make easy changes that can make a whole lot of good. (IKEA has done a great job illustrating how much impact those little daily changes in their recent advert .

We’ve compiled a list of all the little things you can do every day to lower your carbon footprint, creating  a significant impact:

1. Drive Less: 

Carbon Dioxide is the biggest source of greenhouse gasses. According to NY Times, giving up driving could save about 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide – which almost equals a transatlantic flight. Whenever possible, take the train, bus and, best case scenario – ride a bike.

2. Fly Less: 

Just one fewer trip could make a load of difference in your carbon footprint. You can also donate money to sustainable projects to help offset the emissions and make a difference that way.

3. Eat Less Meat: 

Experts agree, that eating less meat, especially red meat, is the most beneficial to the environment. Meat production uses a lot of water, feed and emits harmful greenhouse gasses.

4. Waste Less: 

We’ve talked about it already in last week’s Sustainable Saturday on Zero Waste shops in London – have a look! – hyperlink. But food waste is an extremely important issue in developed countries. Be mindful of how much and how often you buy. Plan your meals, reuse leftovers, don’t use disposable cutlery – all of these are simple solutions that will easily help you lower your food waste.

5. Recycle: 

It saves a huge amount of energy. Make sure your recyclables don’t end up in landfills and recycle your waste mindfully!


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