Tips to reduce your carbon footprint while shopping.

  1. Shop local: find stores that sell and source their products locally, rather than mass producing and travelling around the world.

2.Unsubscribe and unfollow: Take a look at the amount of advertising messages and posts you see each day. Take a moment to unfollow and unsubscribe from these to reduce the pressure to consume what you see everyday.

3.Shop less: Only consider what is needed, anything unnecessary can be avoided to reduce consumption. Avoid taking small trips to the store by compiling a list of necessary items. This will make the shopping experience worthwhile by having a clear goal.


4.Avoid the drive: Shopping online can help reduce carbon emissions using one vehicle to deliver products vs. every individual taking their car to the store. Other driving alternatives are walking, biking or taking public transport to go on shopping trips.

5.Practice patience: using express shipping will accelerate carbon emissions. Shop timely and be patient while waiting for products to arrive.

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