Small Sustainable Brands to Support

Here are a list of five wonderfully sustainable small brands to support so take a look and let us know if you have tried any of them!

Selfmadecandleco Self made Candle Co began during the pandemic and they create beautiful Vegan, Eco Friendly and Made in the UK wellness candles, and after the candle wax is all used up you are then left with a lovely pot to plant the seeded labels in. They have raised thousands for charities supporting mental health in diverse communities. View their Instagram here.

Coffee Number 1 Wellness is very important to this wonderful Coffee shop and they deliver incredible coffee as well as being a hub for relaxation and having a time out of our busy days.

rCup These entirely recycled coffee cups last for ten years and can then be returned to be recycled again! Circular & Co have provided us with a sustainable solution for reducing waste in the world. View their Instagram here.

Flowerbx Flowerbx deliver gorgeous flowers to your door directly from the grower. They have hundreds of varieties to choose from and add a little boost of wellbeing to your day. View their Instagram here

CanOWater Plastic bottles have a ridiculously damaging effect on the planet so CanOwater have created reusable and infinitely recyclable, aluminium water cans. For only 99p you can be minimising the 8 million tonnes of plastic that ends up in the ocean each year. View their Instagram here.



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