5 Celebs to Follow for Positive Sustainability Inspiration

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is a leader when it comes to wearing sustainable brands and showing that it is possible to wear luxury on red carpets whilst still keeping waste and her carbon footprint to a minimum. She recommends GoodOnYou to see if the brands you wear are truly harmful to the environment and she is also a human rights activist especially within the fashion industry.

Miranda Kerr

Owner of Kora Organics, a sustainable beauty brand, Miranda shows us her slow lifestyle and how to create health and beauty everyday. Follow her for inspiration on how to slow your life down and live freely and happily in harmony with yourself.

Shailene Woodley

Shailene campaigns against single use plastics and works hard to clean beaches and oceans. Not only this, she also works hard to educate her followers on the environment as well as sharing the importance of self care.

Rosario Dawson

Rosario co-founded Studio One Eighty Nine, a fashion lifestyle brand made in Africa. The brand has won the prestigious CFDA Lexus Fashion Initiative Award for Sustainability. See the brand Instagram here.


Drew Barrymore

Drew is an animal rights activist and the founder of eco friendly beauty company ‘Flower Beauty’ who produce all of their products in the USA to minimise the negative effects transportation has on the environment.

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