How can you incorporate sustainability into your child’s lifestyle?

We all know that in recent years sustainability has been at the forefront of many conversations about the way we live our life and how we go forward with future generations. However it's also understood that in some respects you can argue that sustainability can be inaccessible which needs to change! Here are a few  ways you can incorporate sustainability into the conversation with your children and implement it into your lifestyle. 

Grow a vegetable patch: There's no better way to get your kids outdoors and with nature than creating your own vegetable patch. They will be able to see them grow overtime and understand the importance of looking after the environment to create beautiful things. If you don't have a garden not to worry there are plenty of things you can grow indoors such as herbs and tomatoes. The main thing is learning to care and understand how things grow! 

Long walks: Oftentimes the car seems like the easy option when you have a quick journey to make and you don’t really want to walk. However in return that journey is affecting the environment unnecessarily and using up the limited resources we have. Instead try taking a walk, if its hard in slow steps building them up to something bigger but in doing this you are teaching your child to be independent and active while not relying on a car that's emissions are slowly affecting their surroundings. 

Lunch boxes: How many times have you had it when your child comes home from school with a half eaten lunch that ends up being wasted and thrown away? It's going to happen, but we can reduce food waste by getting them involved in making their pack lunches, educating them on healthy eating and balanced diets while letting them choose things they enjoy so that food is eaten and not wasted. You could also consider investing in a singular reusable lunch box instead of using cling film and tin foil that mashes up sandwiches and leading to wasted food and plastic.

Although this doesn't seem like a lot, if everyone works towards making small changes the more this will grow and will be implemented into routines that will benefit future generations. Being educated is the first step to making changes. The circle of feeling good has lots of resources you can use to get this started!

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