5 Ways to cut down on your food waste

According to heart matters, we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year, much of which could have been eaten. Find out below how you can reduce your food waste and be more sustainable.

 Make a weekly menu

Creating a weekly menu helps to limit the amount of food waste. Use cookbooks or online recipes to plan meals. This can help to arrange an accurate shopping list.

Keep a log of spoiled foods

Keep track of all the types of foods that quickly go bad. Doing this can help you to identify which foods to limit as it contributes to a lot of waste.

Check your fridge temperature

Keep your fridge cool between 0-5C. The warmer your fridge, the quicker your food will expire.

Freeze leftovers

Freeze your leftovers to make them last longer. You can also freeze your fruit and vegetables to extend their shelf life.

Understand the dates on food

You may not know the difference between “sell by” or “use by. “Sell-By” dates help as a guide for markets so they know when to rotate their stock. The “Use-By” dates are a suggestion for when the food item will be at its best quality. Many of us assume that these dates are expiration dates and throw out food that is safe to consume.

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