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As a part of Sustainable Saturday, where we highlight and talk about sustainability and positive fashion businesses, we had a chat with Nicol from In The Life of Gray. Nicol blogs as a hobby, sharing her favourite products, brands and DIY projects. She is always learning and implementing sustainable practices into her everyday life that she can share with others. Check out our interview with Nicol below... 

Why did I start a blog? 

My blogging all started a few years ago because I was on a search for skincare products that worked for my skin. I read a lot of blogs as research and even decided to try to make my own skincare products from recipes I found on some blogs. I realized how valuable those blogs were, and I thought it would be good to create a space where I could share my research with others. So initially I started to blog about skincare, but then I thought about blogging about thrifting. I have enjoyed thrifting all my life, and I wanted to share that feeling that you have when you find something fun and unique at the second-hand store. Through this, I discovered the sustainable fashion community on Instagram. I soon realized that by shopping second-hand I could support sustainability as opposed to fast fashion. From there I decided to look into other ways sustainable living was a better choice.

What topics do I find to blog about? 

When it comes to topics to blog about, I like to blog about sustainable fashion and living. I also like to promote sustainable products that you can either purchase or make on your own. Sometimes I will find a small business that makes clothing, and I enjoy promoting them and their products and what they are doing for sustainable fashion. I gather blogging inspiration from other bloggers and what my followers on Instagram are interested in.

What do you do to be sustainable? 

I think most of us have grown up with the status quo disposable culture that's prevalent today, so I've had to learn to get outside my comfort zone to be more sustainable. This includes new things that I had never considered before like eating a plant-based diet, growing my own food, and making my own compost. Even doing little things as simple as using reusable grocery bags, re-usable facial cotton rounds, and dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. There are so many things we can do to be sustainable, I'm still learning more every day, every week.

What inspires me to be sustainable? 

I would have to say that my love for the planet earth is the biggest inspiration for me. It's such a beautiful gift that I think so many people take it for granted. If I can help just one person to have that same respect and love for the earth that I do, then I feel that I'm helping to keep the earth clean. Even though it may be a small contribution, I think it's all of our responsibility as stewards of the earth to cherish it. Thankfully, I have others in my life like my mom and my friends that try to live sustainably and help me with new ideas and inspiration.

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