A Sustainable Lifestyle with Izzy Manuel

We are very happy to share the story of fashion influencer and content creator, Izzy Manuel, this Sustainable Saturday! Here, she answers a few interview-style questions about what it's like to be fashionable but sustainable at the same time! Gain some tips on how to live a sustainable life by checking out the interview below... 

Why did you start your blog and Instagram account?

I started my blog and Instagram when I was in college. I really wanted to share my outfits and share how to dress on a budget as I was in college at the time! 

What topics did you start to blog/influencer about ?

Initially started blogging / posting about fashion and just how to wear colour, being unique and how to dress in a way that makes you happy! I also really wanted to share how I shop on a budget which is how I got into sustainable fashion! What do you do to be sustainable? This is a tricky one as there are so many ways! I would say, shop second hand, only buy new if you know you're going to wear it at least 30 times, and finally, if you want to buy new support local sustainable businesses like Everyday Phenomenal!  

How can someone start shopping sustainably on a budget?

Hmmm, either buy second hand or change the perspective you look at the pricing of clothing. Instead of looking at the price of an item as it is, do a breakdown of price per wear! Sustainable items are more expensive but they often last longer so you can get more wear out of them! 

What would you recommend to someone who knows nothing about slow and sustainable fashion and how should they start off their sustainable journey?

Don't expect to be perfect! No one is perfect and it's so easy to get overwhelmed with it all! So I would say, start with small things, like slowly moving away from the fast fashion, thinking consciously when you shop and not to beat yourself up if you make a mistake!

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