World Earth day 2022: How To Conserve Water

Happy Earth Day Everyone! First held on April 22, 1970, It has been taking place every year since and celebrates our beautiful Planet .  Today at EP we wanted to share some information on a common question; If water is a renewable source, why do we need to conserve it?

In essence there are two key reasons:

1)Accessibility:  97.5% of the worlds water is salt water. Just 2.5% is groundwater we typically use, and even the majority of that is frozen permanently and unavailable. So, the freshwater we need is already limited. Add to the fact that different stages of the water cycle can vary in how long they take to complete, and the problem becomes apparent. As climate change and our activities change the amount of time water spends in different stages of the cycle, so too does the amount of water available to us from an already limited supply.

2)Location: Water is not a particularly easy resource to transport, and if you watch the news, you’ll have seen how floods in certain areas and draughts in others are becoming more and more common due to changing weather patterns. And although water may be renewable on a global level, the same is not true on a local level. What we mean by this is that a drought, for example, will not immediately be corrected by the water cycle; it could take months or even years.

What can you do to conserve water?

1.Consider a low flow shower

2.Use a watering can instead of the hose for gardening

3.Only run full washing machine/dishwasher loads

4.Reduce the time you spend in the shower

5.Fix leaky faucets

6.Turn off taps when brushing teeth/not in use

Remember you CAN make a difference.

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