Wellness And Meditation Retreats In UK

Are you looking for a healing and wellbeing retreat to rejuvenate?

We have curated a list of some of the best retreats in the country where you can rest. Going on a retreat is like giving yourself a chance to look at the world in a different way, a gift to learn something new, to go on an adventure with your inner self, away from all the stress and rush of everyday life.


The Mandrake’s Soul Revival, London

Experience the soul revival, from in-room bespoke energy healings to sound baths and cacao ceremonies, hosting the best practitioners in their fields such as Eddy Elsey (Shaman), Urmi Sound (sound healers), Andréa Araré (shaman), Maria Lodetoft (Sound healer).


The Arrigo Program, Somerset

Deep in the West Country, the psychotherapist, intuitive healer and life teacher's Bounce Back retreat is the result of 40 years of fine-tuning, designed to set guests on the path to health, happiness and peace. Spend your time meditating, attending expert workshops, and baring your soul around the campfire. Like this but can't take the time out? Try their sister retreat A Place to Heal in Notting Hill, London.

Reclaim Yourself in the Scottish Highlands

The Scotland Yoga & Wilderness Weekend will appeal to those keen to temporarily check out of 2021 and into the near-Arctic Cairngorms. Base camp is a handful of lodges in a secluded dell. From there, you’ll be freewheeling across the mountainscape, taking dips in Loch Garten and exploring the national park with a conservationist. R&R comes in the form of daily yoga practice, plant-centric meals by Bettina’s Kitchen and steamy soaks in the outdoor hot tub. 

West Lexham Estate, Norfolk & The Roseyard, Kent

Your Ideal Fit runs a number of pilates retreats, based either at The Roseyard in Kent or West Lexham Estate in Norfolk. A typical day involves pilates classes, guided walks and mindful movement workshops, punctuated by nutritious vegan meals.


Sharpham House, Devon

Expect guided meditation, silent rambles and canoeing fuelled by plant-based menus. Pro tip: while you're in the area, imbibe the Devon terroir - quite literally - through a wine-and-cheese-tasting tour of the neighbouring Sharpham Wine vineyard. Wellness is a balance afterall!


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