Treat yourself to the Art Galleries of London On a Friday Evening

There are so many exhibitions and installations going on at London Art Galleries and we cannot get enough of it. Here is a list of the galleries you should visit this weekend.

Tate Modern

Sitting grandly on the banks of the Thames is Tate Modern. 


Tate Britain

From Pre-Raphaelite paintings to landscapes by Turner and Francis Bacon's distorted nudes, there's lots to look at in Tate Britain. The gallery is home to the largest collection of British art in the world.


Barbican Art Gallery

Barbican Art gallery is one of its kind situated within the Barbican Centre. While you are at it, go to the Barbican Conservatory as well!


Royal Academy


Museum of the Moon

 Not a Gallery, but we highly recommend the Museum of the Moon Installation where you can just chill under a huge moon at Kensington + Chelsea Festival.



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