Explore The Renaissance Watercolours Exhibition at The V&A!

The Victoria & Albert Museum is commonly known for the multiple exhibition it hosts, consisting of artifacts, sculptures, sketches and paintings belonging to different countries, cultures or eras.

One such exhibition that is currently present at the V&A is the Renaissance Watercolours Exhibition! This exhibition entails the early usage of watercolours depicting and illuminating nature in an unspecified art form, during that time. Watercolours are a free-flowing medium that enables the artist to creatively express his or her thoughts. They are easy to mix, give off a transparent or opaque effect, by the types of brush strokes used. It is a soothing form of art to watch, as pieces are intricate as well as simple.

Unwind on a Friday afternoon by exploring this collection at the V&A on Friday. The entry ticket is free, and the exhibition ends on Sunday, 8th August. Try not to miss it!

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