Check Out the Barbican Conservatory!

The Barbican Conservatory, better known as the ‘Secret Botanical Garden’, is London’s second largest conservatory, housing myriad species of flora from all over the world, along with a variety of aquatic animals and birds! Located in East London, the conservatory is not known by many, due to the grey building it is located in - not many know this exists (hence, a secret garden!), as it is present on the backside of a narrow street in Barbican. However, once you step inside, you will be mesmerised by the lush greens the place is covered in! 

Visiting this botanical garden on a Friday evening  is literally an escape from reality, as you will be able to immerse yourself in nature. There is also a cafe present within the premises along with the Barbican Fountain, spanning a large area,  present in the complex too. The beauty of the conservatory is its architecture, owing to the placement of the various plant species - this will even make you forget that you are in London! 

The place is magical; with a great storytelling experience! It is the perfect family friendly place, suitable for all ages. Admission tickets are free, and the conservatory is open from 12:00pm on most days (adhering to COVID-19 guidelines).

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