Better Things To Do Whilst Watching TV Than Scrolling Your Phone

Scrolling your phone + watching TV = no good. 

Our mobile phones and social media are designed for addiction, to grab and hold onto our attention. It hooks our brain by triggering the release of dopamine. There’s a random nature to scrolling, so when you get a like, comment, notification, or see an interesting post, your brain’s pleasure center is activated, and you want more of it. So you keep scrolling. It becomes a mindless habit.


Hands-on activities can have cognitive and emotional benefits. Here are a few suggestions to get you started: 

Knit or Crochet:




Stretch or do a mini workout:


Always forget to stretch? Not anymore because you’re gonna do it while you’re watching your favourite Netflix show.  

In some way, you could approach watching TV without scrolling as a mindful practice. Challenge yourself to be present to the activity at hand, even if it means just paying attention to your body while watching one show.

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