Which Fashion Rental Platform is best for you?

Here is a selection of 5 fantastic fashion rental platforms. Ranging from peer to peer, to subscription based. Follow the links to browse these options and see which would suit you best! Renting instead of buying is a great way to be the best dressed at every event without breaking the bank, and you are helping the environment by not contributing to waste. 

1. Hirestreet - Hirestreet gives you the chance to rent amazing pieces for 4 - 16 days and has a super easy returning process.

2. HURR - HURR gives you the opportunity to list things from your wardrobe yourself, or you can give the platform all of the control and let them handle it for you! You can also browse the website, choose what you would like to rent and for how long and then simply wait for it to arrive!

3. By Rotation - By Rotation also allows you to list your items as well as rent amazing items from other people. Experience the incredible rotation of fashion that is helping the planet be free of fashion waste.

4. Onloan - Onloan is a subscription service from £69-£99 a month. Rent 2 or 4 items and then return and choose your next ones for the next month!

5. Girl Meets Dress - Choose from thousands of designer dresses available for hiring and again, enjoy the super easy process of receiving and returning. Designers such as Stella McCartney & Victoria Beckham are included.


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