How to live a sustainable life and save the planet

Support local businesses

This is a massive step to havig a more sustainable lifestyle, but it often gets overlooked. Being more sustainable doesn't mean not buying anything ever again. Smaller, independent and local businesses are often more sustainable than the global corporations, so supporting them with your money is an important way of being more green.

Buy organic

Why buy organic? What difference does it really make? 

If you think your food should be nutritious, shouldn't leave the world in a worse place, should treat workers, farmers and factory workers properly, if you respect animal rights, then actually placing a value on that food, aside from the cheap price assigned by the supermarket, then think about buying organic as much as you can.

Make, mend, sew and share

This really is the other side of the buy less, buy better mentality.

If you want to have a more sustainable lifestyle, then some of that comes down to keeping your posessions, clothes and everything else in circulation longer and valuing them more.

Stop buying fast fashion

Fast fashion has a devastating environmental impact. Here are a number of ways the industry damages the planet: Water usage, microfibres, greenhouse gases, deforestation, human rights of their employees, and toxins.

Reduce your consumption

Stopping and questioning what you need - and why you need it, and looking at other alternatives than just going out and buying it straight from Amazon - is the first big step to being more sustainable - and you’ll be surprised how powerful it is. It often saves you money too.



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